Imagine that shop-owners can manage their shops simply on their mobile phone. Just pick up the smart phone and use RangyPOS to manage product information, point of sales, inventory control, dashboard monitoring. All of these can be done without any PC at all.

RangyPOS is Point of Sales on mobile for all types of shop-owners to do things which they can never do before on their mobile to work smarter and be more productive. Our team have launched RangyPOS since November 2014 and the responses have been great. Almost 1,000 shops have been opened up within our system which accounts for roughly 500,000 USD revenue so far.

Inventory control in a minute!
No more paper work. All staffs can use RangyPOS to update inventory level and monitor changes anywhere anytime. All information is shared on AWS cloud server to allow everyone in the store to work together on their own mobile.

No hardware investment
We are in the age of BYOD. All staffs have already had a smartphone. Just download the RangyPOS from Play store and join the shop in a few steps, then they all can take benefit of our system. The shop-owners will save a lot of money on hardware investment. And still the owner can set permission and deactivate anyone at any certain time.

Work seamlessly togetther
The new way of working in the store have arrived. Anyone could access to the same information. Staffs could be talking to clients in the middle of the shop while posting sales into the RangyPOS. They do not need to go back and forth between the cashier and the clients any more. This will help the shop to satisfy the clients even more since the staff will always be with the clients’ side.
RangyPOS also allow the staffs from different locations to communicate and move stock from one location to the other location within a few clicks. It is something they have never done before.

Our users love what they have seen
One shop-owner said “RangyPOS concept is just great. I really love that I can do so many things just on my smart phone.”. Another multi-location dessert shop owner said “I thought that having many location was tough. I wasted my time doing things without a proper technology for a long time. Now, with RangyPOS, I am thinking of expand even more locations or franchising.”

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