RangyPOS the mobile POS solution from Thailand is going to launch in Singapore market during CommunicASIA 2015 event between June 2-5, 2015.

RangyPOS is the new alternative POS solution for SMEs in Thailand to integrate IT into their shop management. In the past, SME would start with a Cash Register machine or a PC POS solution. Both of which have been in the market for many years but with the Post-PC era people are connected on smart phones all the time. So if they could do their works in the shop with their mobile phones, life will be much easier for them. With that idea in mind, RangyPOS was developed and launched in late 2014 in Thailand market.

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Imagine that shop-owners can manage their shops simply on their mobile phone. Just pick up the smart phone and use RangyPOS to manage product information, point of sales, inventory control, dashboard monitoring. All of these can be done without any PC at all.

RangyPOS is Point of Sales on mobile for all types of shop-owners to do things which they can never do before on their mobile to work smarter and be more productive. Our team have launched RangyPOS since November 2014 and the responses have been great. Almost 1,000 shops have been opened up within our system which accounts for roughly 500,000 USD revenue so far.

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